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Suffering from an uncomfortable eye problem? We’re here to help

You might think that opticians are only here to carry out regular eye examinations, and let you know whether or not you need a new prescription. For any other eye problems, you’d go straight to your GP or the hospital, right?

In actual fact, this isn’t necessarily the case. Whilst you should certainly head straight to the doctor in an emergency or out-of-hours situation, we can often provide specialist advice and help for a variety of other eye conditions. After all, that’s what we’re trained to do!

Here in practice we have use of a specialised piece of equipment called a tonometer, which measures the pressure in your eyeballs. You might have experienced this test before – it’s often carried out using a gentle puff of air into your eye. This tests for glaucoma – increased pressure in your eyes, which can put pressure on your optic nerve and eventually affect your vision if left untreated.

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Glaucoma has a strong genetic tendency, so if you have an immediate family member who suffers from the condition, it is recommended that you have annual eye examinations so that we can monitor the health of your eyes. If we do detect signs of the condition during the screening process, we can prescribe effective treatment at an early stage to manage its development.

If you frequently find yourself troubled by itchy, red and dry eyes, or even eyes that are excessively watery, you may be suffering from a condition known as dry eye. Despite its name, dry eyes are not the only symptom!

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There are often many varied causes of dry eye – including stress, environmental factors like air conditioning, and excessive computer use – and for that reason there will be different treatment options too. During your eye examination, Arif will discuss your lifestyle and symptoms with you, and will be able to prescribe effective treatment methods and solutions to manage the condition. Often eye drops can provide much-needed relief, whereas in other situations some simple lifestyle changes might be all that are needed.

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