Eye Examinations

Regular eye exams don’t just assess your vision, but inform us about your overall eye health too

When it comes to your eye examination, you might think that the main purpose of this is to test how well you can see. While this is undoubtedly a major part of the assessment, your exam also allows us to fully check your eye health and ensure there are no early signs of any problems.

During your eye test, you will be asked to complete a number of exercises. These will include some you might already be familiar with, such as reading different sized letters off a chart or screen on the wall, and testing different lenses to see if they make text harder or easier to read.

However, you will also have the chance to discuss your lifestyle and hobbies with our optician Arif, as well as any visual problems or headaches you might be experiencing. Often this information can prove vital in determining whether any additional tests or assessments are needed. For example, if you are suffering from dry, itchy or runny eyes, it might be that you have a condition known as ‘dry eye’. Click here to find out more about our dry eye assessments.

Oracle Optician - Eye-Examination
Oracle Optician - Eye-Exam

In addition, our tonometer helps to determine any early indication of glaucoma – increased internal pressure in your eye – by measuring how the surface of your eyeball reacts to a gentle puff of air.

You can also have retinal images taken of the back of your eyes, which allow us to see a much greater area of your retinas than with handheld equipment alone. They also help us to track any changes in your eyes between appointments which could indicate the earliest signs of a problem. In many cases, conditions like diabetes and heart disease can be picked up by looking at the back of your eyes before you are aware of even the smallest symptoms.

Oracle Optician - Eye Examinations