Children’s Eye Exams

Poor eyesight could affect your child’s education –regular eye exams will ensure everything is as it should be

You know that it’s important to keep your little one healthy throughout their childhood. From making sure they have their infancy vaccinations to marking their height on the wall every birthday, you will naturally do everything you can to ensure they are happy and developing as they should. But do you know how essential it is for your child to have a regular eye examination

Despite popular belief, children don’t have to be able to read in order to have their first eye test – we can test children as young as one year old using a combination of shapes and pictures to track their eye movement. Regular eye exams are crucial when it comes to detecting any abnormalities; normally many visual conditions like short-sightedness, squint, astigmatism and even a lazy eye can be completely corrected if they are detected before the age of eight.

Oracle Optician - Children-Eye-Examination
Oracle Optician - Children-Eye-Exams

Remember that your child won’t know if they have a problem with their vision – they are only aware of what is normal for them. For that reason, you can’t rely on them to tell you if they’re struggling to see the board at school or focus on the television properly, and you wouldn’t want them to suffer in silence, would you?

We recognise that sitting in an opticians chair is the last thing that many youngsters want to be doing, and for that reason we have devised a number of tricks and strategies to make their eye exam fun and engaging. They are always welcome to ask our optician Arif about any of the equipment he uses, and they’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to selecting their new eyewear. With designs from brand, brand and brand in practice, it might take them a little while to choose their favourite!

Oracle Optician - Children’s-Eye-Exams