Your new lenses will perfectly suit your lifestyle to provide you with the utmost visual comfort

When it comes to choosing new eyewear, we’re not surprised to see many patients spending much longer selecting the frames rather than the lenses. But it should really be the other way round – after all, it’s the lenses that will be responsible for improving your visual clarity and comfort!

Here at Oracle Opticians, we appreciate that everyone has different lifestyles, hobbies and preferences, and so we believe that your eyewear should not only meet your needs but complement them too. There are several different lens types and coatings available for you to consider; for example, if you work with computers you might benefit from specialised office lenses, or a blue light coating. Frequent drivers may find an anti-reflection coating allows for much more comfortable road trips, and keen golfers will likely notice a huge difference with a coloured or anti-glare tint.

The options are extensive, and our position as an independent optician means that we are able to source almost any lens on the market. Arif will discuss your lifestyle with you during your appointment, so please feel free to talk to him about any hobbies you particularly enjoy, or even those that you might feel are restricted by your current eyewear. He’ll be happy to help and will certainly rise to the challenge of finding your ideal lenses!

Oracle Optician - Lenses
Oracle Optician - Lenses